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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Men in Skirts - What???

This ridiculous thing is from the recent London Fashion Week.
What are they thinking? are there not enough beautiful things you can create for men to wear and just have to copy women?
It's not enough that they have been putting women in boyish clothes, and bodies, to obscure their femininity, now they have to confuse the guys and make everyone look like hermaphrodites?
It's not funny, witty or playful as the reviewers try to proclaim, it's just plain stupid. The game of the sexes, mixing up the genders and kinky sexuality has been done to death and is all great, but fashion is business, supposedly.
I love fashion, but this doesn't make ay sense whatsoever, artistic, pragmatic, or beautiful.
The designer is one J.W. Anderson. Here is another:

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