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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Modern-day Renaissance Men

I had 2 wonderful visitors (should I call them shoppers?) yesterday.

One of them is The Renaissance Man incarnate. He's finishing his 3rd Masters degree, and plans to go to med school next. He knows 8 languages, some of them extinct, and plans to learn more. He reads the historical scriptures and philosophers in their original form. His dedication to his family is admirable - he is translating his grandfather's life creation, an 8 volume book of history written in Sanskrit, into English as a token of thanks to the lessons his grandfather taught him.
And he comes to shop here to please his mother, bless her soul.
He's wearing a coat he bought here, naturally.

The other was introduced to me by one of the lovelier regulars, who said once - "I'll cry if you ever close this shop". He is a beautiful immigrant from Burundi, a musician, a young man with a gentle soul, a lover of music and rhythm and people and the world.

I never thought I'd find such inspiration doing what I'm doing.

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